Crystal’s Story

My name is Crystal Armor. I live in San Angelo, Texas, with my husband Casey and our two daughter’s, Izzabella and Gabrialla.

I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, but grew up in South Dakota with my Adopted family.

Unfortunately, I was raised in an abusive household, and I was unable to stay with them as the environment was unstable. I was removed by a social worker and placed in foster care and group homes until I reached the age of 18 years old.
Since then, I have put myself through college, have a minor and master’s degree in Psychology and approximately 10 months give or take left of college to receive my Ph.D.

As I was attending school I was also involved in many nonprofit organizations in South Dakota.

Before moving to Texas, I worked as a caseworker with Lutheran social service’s working with the youth Advocate program.

I’m so very excited to be included in The New Journey project and providing as much insight as I can for the adults involved as well as the youth as I can personally sympathize from personal experience.