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About Us

New Journey is a program designed to aid youth in the transition to become successful members of their community. Providing housing, occupational, educational, transportation and mental health assistance, we strive to reform the statistics that are often detrimental to foster youth aging out of care.

Our Story

For those who have never met us, New Journey San Angelo was founded by Tim & Esther Dickson. They began their foster care journey in February 2013 after Tim was reminded of a vision he had several years earlier of a dorm-like structure. Pastor Kile Bateman has begun a similar ministry based out of Wichita Falls and was the catalyst for this reminder. Esther was reluctant due to previous dealings with CPS, but soon came on board. They began planning and sharing their vision to friends and family, but quickly realized something was missing. Bishop Aaron Blake stopped by in November 2013 and discussed becoming foster parents as both an educational and ministerial experience. Tim and Esther became licensed in April 2014 and have since taken in children from 10 days old to 17 years. This experience was one of the missing pieces. They also added to their friends and expanded their family far beyond just those who lived in their home, while gaining knowledge of the system and some of its intricacies. 

Samantha Crumrine was one of those best friends and one of the first to come alongside Tim and Esther in this journey. Her vision is for a foster-care focused subdivision, which will become a subsidiary of New Journey, The Village. This will be a set of houses specifically designed for our big foster families with accessories to match, such as a clubhouse with daycare, sensory park, and therapeutic animal care. 

Since the vision began, the focus has been on children aging out of care. In Texas, when a foster youth turns 18, they have the option of remaining in care until they graduate from High School or age out and enter this great big world on their own. I don’t know about many of you, but what I thought I could do on my own at 18 was completely different than what I could actually do. Some that choose to age out maintain relationships with their foster families, but many leave with no intent to return. They have been understandably frustrated with the system and do everything they can to stay away. We’re aiming for 100% independent funding as some kids will fun if they even think the system is involved. Because of all of this, New Journey’s first project will be The Dorm.  

Board Members

Tim Dickson

Tim and Esther began fostering in April 2014 and had 12 placements and 4 adoptions over the next 7 years. He has previously led the Concho Valley Foster Parent Association and maintains their Facebook page for informational purposes.


Samantha Crumrine

Sam has recently begun her position as a Social Work Case Manager at the Texas Department of State Health Services. She administered the Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas from 2012-2016. Sam was a foster parent from 2016 until the adoption of her son in 2018. She is also Vice President at Here I Am Orphan Ministries, based out of Brenham, Texas.

Vice President

Chelsea Monk

Chelsea and Nate began fostering in 2014 with 7 placements total and adopted 2 children from foster care over 2 ½ years. Chelsea was also a member of the CVFPA board from 2016-2018.



Crystal Armor

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William Tucker

William held various positions at Child Protective Services beginning in 2008 then into 2020. He then began working at Texas Workforce Commission as the Foster Coordinator for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. He has been involved in many different community organizations working with youth and foster children of all ages.